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About us ...

Alive Silver is a small kennel placed in the middle of fields where our weims have the best conditions to live in. All our greys live together with us at home and are firstly members of our family.

We do not breed for money, breeding is our hobby we love most. We give lots of time and attention to our weims just to provide them with anything they need and to make all of us happy of living together.

We pay much attention into a correct raising and development of our dogs, we work and train with them a lot as we all love it. Each of our breeding is carefully planned as we insist to breed high quality dogs: healthy, mentaly stable weimaraners with excellent conformation and hunting skills and only such parents are used in our kennel.

Puppies birth is a magical moment for us. Every litter is a long awaited one.... We look after our babies in the best way we can what result in healthy, beautiful babies which are fully socialized and ready to enter the whole world.

As a dog’s trainer and behaviorist I know very well the exact phases of dog’s development what makes it much easier for me to socialize and raising up our puppies properly. We usually have only one litter per year so we pick up future owners carefully to be sure that our babies join only those families that are ready to get a new grey member.

We always talk a lot with potential buyers and tell them honeslty what type of dogs weimaraners are, what they need to be happy just to be sure that this dog will suit you and your life.

We stay in touch with all our puppy buyers, happy to help and advise any time it is needed and with many of them we simply became good friends. Puppies leave us provided with KC pedigree, health book, vaccined, dewormed and microchiped.   

We encourage anyone interested in weimaraners to contact us by phone or email.
It’s always a big challenge for both – people and dog – when a puppy joins your family. That’s why decision about purchasing a dog should be very well considered. Unfortunatelly it happens often that such decision is an impulse because we just fall in love with adorable grey puppy and only after arrival at home problems appear as we simply weren’t ready for a dog. Suddenly we discover that our puppy is not only a cute little baby dog but it also pees at home, destroys furnitures and plants in the garden, barks too often and wants to play in the middle of the night. We should all note that buying a dog means that we will have to be responsible for this animal for many years so it is a very serious decision. That is why before purchasing a puppy please try to answer these few questions:
• do you realize that a dog costs. You will not only have to pay it’s puppy fee but you will spend much more money for its food, vets, training ect ect
• are you ready to look after your dog for his whole life?
• how much time will a dog have to spend alone each day? Some of them feel very lonely when left alone
• do you have any knowledge how to comunicate and raise your puppy?
• why did you decide to have a dog

•Wasn’t it just an impulse?

Which breed is going to fulfill your expectations? There are more then 500 breeds registered within FCI which differ not only with how they look like but mostly they have totally different tempers.
What kennel are you going to get your baby from (be sure these are responsible breeders who care about proper development of their puppies)?

Buy only a dog with FCI recognized pedigree as only in such a case you are sure what breed you  are buying!
Pick a puppy whose temper suits you.

Never choose a breed  taking into account only how it looks like. What is more even the best tempered puppy will never become a great companion when adult without proper training, socialization and your love. So, consider buying a puppy carefully and then put much attention into it’s correct psychical and physical development and finally you will get the best human’s friend for ever!

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